Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caboodles of Color!

Color is one of the funnest elements of fashion!  It is easy to overload so when in doubt most of us stand down, and hold hands with our favorite neutrals and solids, until the storm passes.  Thou shalt not be afraid of color this summer!  Weather shopping vintage or on trend this season and archive collections have a plethora of colors and patterns for us to embrace.  Piecing a strong color, or patterned piece is the best way to have a Strong, unique, or stand out look.  Carefully pairing other bright colors for a statement look can be fun, but many of us prefer to have one loud speaking color or pattern, and dress more simple around that piece.  This is a great safe way to go, and still incorporate fun and color into your life.  To step up your pattern presence, try mixing a print with a bright color, or two color story prints mixed together with a complimentary solid.  Apparently, like the streets of Morocco, when all the colors are employed together, sometimes it does make a beautiful rainbow.  But, remember less can be more, and you want to stay location, season, and event appropriate at all times!

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