Sunday, September 25, 2011

LOVING Lucite heels

    LOVING Lucite heels.  Huge in the 1950s, especially mules, or Springolators. And the ladies who wore them were "no dames of ill repute."  Take a walk on vintage jewelry!


    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Shards of Vintage in your everyday Lewk..

    It is Spring time!  It is imperative to merry the new and the old this season.  All of your best finds are aching to come out and be used in a new fabulous way.  Thrift, and vintage finds can be the the best gems in our closet artillery, but how to incorporate them without being too dated, or literal?  Mixing modern styles with vintage pieces or accessories is a great way to create or maintain any lewk this season.  No matter what your fashion kick, there is an awesome vintage era you can use and elevate your look and wardrobe.

    Skirts are so lovely this spring!  What is even more lovely that finding unique vintage skirts for next to nothing when shopping local vintage and thrift.  Rely on classic and era silhouettes to let their structure in the garment dominate your look.  Go with it, and pair down with simple coordinating pieces like solid color or white tanks and tees.  Belts can be a great vintage accessories to change any simple look, to a whole new voice.

    Dreamy dreams and flowy fabrics..

    Simple shapes, timeless silhouettes.  This spring is an equal opportunity dress employer, so take advantage!  Styles from all periods have come back this season, short, maxi, mid cut, tiered, you name it, it seems to have come roaring back into fashion!  Take this opportunity to reuse old favorites in a new way!  Pairing dresses with cardigans, scarfs, or boots, can provide a whole new look!  Empire, a-line, and halter dresses are flattering favorites that never go out of fashion, and are fabulously flattering on every body type!  Maxi Dresses, are a staple for every haute young miss this spring!  The great ones have unique and earth tone prints that compliment a tan to the umpteenth degree!

    Feel the unconventional love!

    Pairing looks in new and innovative ways is a great way to keep a strong lewk while remaining fabulous and unique.  Let fashion be fun, expressive, and unconventional!  Pairing leggings with a short and a boot, as shown above or a flannel with a vest, a jegging and a wedge, can be fun ways to play with our garments.  Pieces that are not meant to go together can give us those ah ha moments when paired together in the right way.  When you can find the time, make a date with  your closet, and have a little eclectic fun!  Wearing a color story such as earth tone, light greys, and neons are very haute this season, so take advantage!  What could be more fun than pairing neons and neutrals?!  Always remember a fashionistas hair can be her loudest and best accessory.  Make sure you are wearing your hair lewk, and not the other way around.  Integrating your hair style within the same sense as your garments can be hard.  remember to have a conceptual outline of your look, along with a color story, to be sure your hair falls right in line with your total fierceness!

    Shift your Focus!

    Don’t rely only on summer frocks when dressing to impress this season.  Feminine, halters, and minis are all sorts of fun in the sun, but wait!  Don’t forget to take a stroll down fierce ave. by including the classic shift cut dress into your spring and summer look. Shift dresses provide a modern yet retro appeal, while remaining sexy, short, and edgy! Shift dresses are demure as they focus on the leg, and often are more covered in the bust region.  Showing off one asset at a time, is a fashionista's best tool.  Shift dresses let you shift focus, to show off those gorgeous gams, while flaunting your fabulous and unique fashion.  Prints are a great plus to any vintage dress, and thankfully so many vintage inspired shift, maxi, and tube dresses are back leading trends, and filling stores.  Pairing with boots, long socks, hats, sling bags, vests, and faux fur, are ways to style and elevate any gorgeous stop, drop, and shift, dress!

    Caboodles of Color!

    Color is one of the funnest elements of fashion!  It is easy to overload so when in doubt most of us stand down, and hold hands with our favorite neutrals and solids, until the storm passes.  Thou shalt not be afraid of color this summer!  Weather shopping vintage or on trend this season and archive collections have a plethora of colors and patterns for us to embrace.  Piecing a strong color, or patterned piece is the best way to have a Strong, unique, or stand out look.  Carefully pairing other bright colors for a statement look can be fun, but many of us prefer to have one loud speaking color or pattern, and dress more simple around that piece.  This is a great safe way to go, and still incorporate fun and color into your life.  To step up your pattern presence, try mixing a print with a bright color, or two color story prints mixed together with a complimentary solid.  Apparently, like the streets of Morocco, when all the colors are employed together, sometimes it does make a beautiful rainbow.  But, remember less can be more, and you want to stay location, season, and event appropriate at all times!

    Acessories.. What's your story?

    Accessories these days, tend to be on the trendy side, vintage pieces, or are fabulous and pricey! We all have a few 'go to' favorites, but when stepping outside this zone, be careful your accessories don't take away from your garment, or speak louder than your garment (in a negative way), and are not a sensory overload to the eye! If you choose a large earring, don't wear a necklace, pair it with cute brackets and a cocktail ring instead. On the flip side, if you wear a statement necklace, dress down any other jewelry you wear and make sure it all works in the same genre. Mixing rock, feminine, and sporty accessories even if just in their subtle undertones, might cook up a bad look!

    Fabric fabric fabric!

    Spring fling, with layering! Layering tops, vests, cardigans, and skirts is big this spring. Layering prints with neutrals and likeminded solids, will give a fun and whimsical appeal to any multi dimensional look! Layering, suits certain styles particularly well, such as boho chic, hipster, downtown, weho, ect. To obtain this look in a more polished regard, try dresses, or separates with layered fabric in the design, or a stronger thicker fabric giving the sensation of a strength, layering, and structure. Using complimentary and color oriented stories, is imperative in turning a good outfit, into a fabulous one! Use accessories to accent your look, as layering loves a complementary plethora of bangles, loose earrings, and 18 inch + necklaces! Go ahead, layer yourself!

    Hipster Must Haves

         To obtain this modern style, a few must haves must reside in every hipster wardrobe.  A great selection of dresses that range from simple to elaborate patterns.  Dresses are the easiest garments to pair with, dress up, dress down, and are most versatile.  Simple shapes allow you to use the dress as a pallet to layer or add to.  As more color and fabric appear in a garment, more simple accessories should be Incorporated.
         Other must haves include vests such as faux fur, crochet, denim, chiffon, and cut off.  Vintage or like inspired belts, hats and bags are the easiest ways to tie any piece into a firm hipster or downtown look.  Billowy tops, tanks, tees, and shift dresses will also help you create that appeal.  Don't be afraid to tuck billowy shirts into fab skirts and pair with a belt for a modern yet vintage inspired look!  Wedges, and flat slouchy booties are big this season, so get them while they're hot!  Feather earrings can be a bit literal in their native vibe, so be careful when pairing with feather hair and earring accessories, it can easily become gauche.  Cardigans and scarfs are total must haves for any modern fashonista!  Make or break any outfit with this duo of tools!  Accent, or change any look into a whole different one just with a sweater or a scarf!  Having an artillery in 4 basic colors is a good idea; go to colors are grey, brown, black, and white.
         Bangles, long charm or beaded necklaces, headbands on the horizon, and large natural stone cocktail rings are fierce ways to heighten what your serving.  The dish is boho chic is all the craze this past 2 years, so accessory houses have gone buck wild in this regard.  I am lapping up every drip of it!!