Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hipster Must Haves

     To obtain this modern style, a few must haves must reside in every hipster wardrobe.  A great selection of dresses that range from simple to elaborate patterns.  Dresses are the easiest garments to pair with, dress up, dress down, and are most versatile.  Simple shapes allow you to use the dress as a pallet to layer or add to.  As more color and fabric appear in a garment, more simple accessories should be Incorporated.
     Other must haves include vests such as faux fur, crochet, denim, chiffon, and cut off.  Vintage or like inspired belts, hats and bags are the easiest ways to tie any piece into a firm hipster or downtown look.  Billowy tops, tanks, tees, and shift dresses will also help you create that appeal.  Don't be afraid to tuck billowy shirts into fab skirts and pair with a belt for a modern yet vintage inspired look!  Wedges, and flat slouchy booties are big this season, so get them while they're hot!  Feather earrings can be a bit literal in their native vibe, so be careful when pairing with feather hair and earring accessories, it can easily become gauche.  Cardigans and scarfs are total must haves for any modern fashonista!  Make or break any outfit with this duo of tools!  Accent, or change any look into a whole different one just with a sweater or a scarf!  Having an artillery in 4 basic colors is a good idea; go to colors are grey, brown, black, and white.
     Bangles, long charm or beaded necklaces, headbands on the horizon, and large natural stone cocktail rings are fierce ways to heighten what your serving.  The dish is boho chic is all the craze this past 2 years, so accessory houses have gone buck wild in this regard.  I am lapping up every drip of it!!

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