Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shards of Vintage in your everyday Lewk..

It is Spring time!  It is imperative to merry the new and the old this season.  All of your best finds are aching to come out and be used in a new fabulous way.  Thrift, and vintage finds can be the the best gems in our closet artillery, but how to incorporate them without being too dated, or literal?  Mixing modern styles with vintage pieces or accessories is a great way to create or maintain any lewk this season.  No matter what your fashion kick, there is an awesome vintage era you can use and elevate your look and wardrobe.

Skirts are so lovely this spring!  What is even more lovely that finding unique vintage skirts for next to nothing when shopping local vintage and thrift.  Rely on classic and era silhouettes to let their structure in the garment dominate your look.  Go with it, and pair down with simple coordinating pieces like solid color or white tanks and tees.  Belts can be a great vintage accessories to change any simple look, to a whole new voice.

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